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Tree of life

There’s a huge tree right outside my window. I don’t even know what kind of tree it is. I watch it change, as the seasons change; I watch it sway in the wind when the going’s rough. I listen to the rustle of the leaves and absorb their vibrant color.

Whenever I’m stuck on a problem I sit and watch that tree. It is beautiful on so many levels. You can look at it mathematically, biologically or aesthetically. Not long ago I heard a quite famous mathematician say, that one finds perfection in every structure in nature when looking at it through the eyes of fractal geometry.

But what strikes me the most is the peace of that plant. It doesn’t manufacture a life. Life just happens to it. Naturally. No strife, no hardship. No longing for success or attention. There seems to be an inherent trust in the process of life within all of nature and on a level beyond the description of words that very much consoles me.

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